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The Column Box 

Small: $169.99  Large $219.99




The Column box is the perfect piece for those looking for a mailbox that will work within masonry columns.

It's available in two sizes:


Small is 7 3/4" high X 8 1/2" wide X 18" deep.

Large is 11 3/4" high X 11" wide X 21" deep.


Available in Satin finish.

We also offer two different mailbox faces, the Euro or the Envelope (please see pictures for examples). As with all handmade works of art, no two are exactly alike and you may find an occasional tool mark. The flag assembly is included for possible mounting on the column. Both sizes require a 1 1/2" reveal at the front of the column so the door will operate correctly.


Please note, the masonry columns should be built around the mailbox once the mailbox arrives and not prior to receiving the mailbox.


Please select below the size and finish you would like.


Euro Front
Envelope Front
Euro Front
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