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Grandpa's Story:

Grandpa's Stainless Workshop is an outgrowth of the great stainless steel manufacturing heritage of southwestern Pennsylvania's AlleKiski valley. Quality stainless steel sheet has been manufactured here since 1936 by the West Leechburg Steel Company, today known as ATI Allegheny Ludlum.


It was only natural that some of this stainless steel sheet material would find its way into the hands of local craftsman and artisans. And so it was that our little shop began producing hand made products for sale in local communities. As time went on, the Shop was passed from the original founder to two retired gentlemen and finally to our family in 2008. 


Over the years the Shop has made all sorts of stainless steel products from jewelry, to serving trays, railings, awnings and, of course, mailboxes as Customers requested.

It's basically a one man operation using hand tools with very little powered equipment.


I hope you'll let us build one for you! Should you have any other mailbox style or item you'd like to talk about, please feel free to give us a call.




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