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4x6 Stainless Steel Mailbox Post - $169.99





Our 4 X 6 Stainless Steel Mounting Post is designed for Customers who are looking for a larger Post to compliment Grandpa's Bruiser or Large Dutch Barn and Breadbox Mailboxes.

6" side also allows more room accommodate larger and more detailed Grandpa's exclusive Etchings.

Although not necessary for use with any of Grandpa's Mailboxes, Post is also designed to fit an optional owner supplied standard wooden treated 4 X6 inside for maximum strength and support if so desired.

Instructions and mounting hardware are included. Post is 59" high overall. When installed as recommended the bottom of the Mailbox will finish at 41" above grade in accordance with US postal regulations.

This post is in a Satin finish (similar to stainless steel kitchen appliances).

As with all handmade works of art, no two are exactly alike and you may find an occasional tool mark.


Decorative Etching - 









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