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Stainless Steel Sheet Odd Lot Pieces - $17.99





Chose from 3, 5 or 7 Pound Boxes of 20 Gauge type 304 Stainless Steel odd lot pieces left over from the manufacture of our Grandpas Stainless Workshop brand Mailboxes.


Price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping!


Piece size, shape and finish (mirror or brushed) will vary for each box. Most pieces have protective adhesive plastic pull off coating on one side.

Some pieces may have scratches and/or tool marks.


Maximum individual piece size will be 5" by 8". Most, if not all, pieces will be smaller.


Stainless Steel sheet edges and corners can be very sharp. Please be careful when handling them. Not recommended for use by children.


Custom quantities available upon request.






Decorative Etching - $19.99 per

side or door





House Numbers - 4 1/2 " Brushed Stainless Steel House Numbers

$16.49 per number





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